Cube Chatter Team

Denver Gibbs

CEO - Cube Chatter

With a never ending entrepreneurial spirit, Denver Gibbs started his first company in 2004 which provided business consulting services to private colleges and institutions throughout New York State. With an office on Varick Street in New York City, the company employed graphic designers, interns from FIT, and programmers from Columbia University. Denver soon realized the power of design to engage and motivate people. He knew he must harness and perfect this new passion and decided to leave higher education to focus completely on Web-based designing.

Due to the constantly evolving state of technology, Denver works closely with programmers to watch his designs come to life. As a consultant first, Denver understands the needs of the client which allows him to focus primarily on the User Experience aspect of the applications Cube Chatter develops. Now with 10 years of coding experience, Denver is the company’s UI/UX secret weapon.

Gennady Agranovich

Senior Software Engineer

With a blend of technical mastery and a commitment to helping small businesses succeed, Gennady leads our software engineering team. Gennady has over 15 years of experience in managing information systems and Cloud computing operations. Prior to joining Cube Chatter, Gennady worked for various technology companies in and around the Boston area.

With a goal to visit all seven continents, Gennady loves to travel and experience new cultures, especially when joined by his wife and young daughter.