When your company has a problem, our software creates solutions in a streamlined, logical way which improves your processes.

To solve any business challenge, you don't just need an idea. You need the right idea, executed properly. The software development process helps discover what is needed to make streamline and improve aspects of your business. Because software ideas can be implemented in just about a million different ways, you need a team with passion, experience and top technical skills to deliver the proper solution.

  • Requirement Analysis: We study your full system in-depth, as well as supporting documents. A software requirements specification (SRS), document is prepared which includes the application overview, scope, objectives, need and purpose, software and hardware interface, issues or challenges, and other critical details.
  • Software Prototyping: Our team reviews your software requirements and operation concepts noted in the SRS, detailed design solutions which are worked out based on performance, the availability of reusable components, and the integration of other applications. The technical specification (TSD) and workflow definition (WFD) documents are then produces.
  • Development and Integration: Your coding is done, determined on TSD, WFD and the SRS as well. Unit testing is also performed on the completion of the development for every unit.
  • Testing & QA: Product testing is done at this time, using the test plan and the test cases.
  • Releases: Your product is released to you once "bugs" are fixed and the Quality Assurance team has verified the software.
  • Post Production Support and Maintenance: Cube Chatter provides this for all products. If you require maintenance, a change request log is then maintained to help track any changes or support requests.